A KSI & Pokimane Deepfake has been made

23. nov.. 2020
4 835 036 Ganger

New Song: notown.info/two/video/z7WYm6hzh7ea1NU.html
Stream Here: k-s-i.lnk.to/ReallyLoveID

  • his laugh might be contagious but try playback speed .25 😂😂😂

    jackson reynoldsjackson reynoldsTime siden
  • Jj has power

    dark cyberdark cyberTime siden
  • Ok has power to make us luagh with his luagh even I luaghed

    dark cyberdark cyberTime siden
  • 5:02 it worked

    XOalphaXOalpha4 timer siden
  • i laughed

    Akeem OgilvieAkeem Ogilvie5 timer siden
  • I actualy laughte on chair

    Marin PundaMarin Punda8 timer siden
  • Yep he has the power even I can’t avoid hahaha

    A&Z TVA&Z TV9 timer siden
  • bruv i laughs

    Asim Abdul AhadAsim Abdul Ahad10 timer siden
  • Yep. It works. Your laugh made me laugh

    Sashen PeirisSashen Peiris10 timer siden
  • I laughed so fkn hard

    Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer10 timer siden
  • Man when he showed the chair I was not laughing . When he started laughing I wasn't even laughing . But as soon I scrolled to comments I started laughing .

    HACKERISTIC 499HACKERISTIC 49912 timer siden
  • Yess I did Laugh king

    Nugie ShooterNugie Shooter15 timer siden
  • Jj gotcovid 5:20 yes I laughed hard xD

    Paradox AntParadox Ant15 timer siden
  • Yah i laughed

    Jaris Craig PericonJaris Craig Pericon17 timer siden
  • I laughed at the chair bit 🤣🤣🤣

    ITz MrKITz MrK18 timer siden
  • 3:52 my new ringtone

    Karan RajKaran Raj20 timer siden
  • I fucking laughed bc your laugh hahhaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    TheRealGamer prrrtTheRealGamer prrrt20 timer siden
  • I laughed so hard my parents came in my room and heard niger

    Karanveer LalwaniKaranveer Lalwani23 timer siden
  • Your face makes me laugh JJ

    CHRIS P. BACONCHRIS P. BACON23 timer siden
  • Me just started to stop laughing Jj getting scared Also me: weeeezzzzing Again what where did that chair go 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sebastian PerezSebastian Perez23 timer siden
  • When he whipped out the chair, I was LMAO 😂

    DEEPDEEPDag siden
  • It worked

    Ricardo LopezRicardo LopezDag siden
  • I swear to god im not even lying why tf did i laugh at the chair when he started laughing..... 😔

    A.A.H PKA.A.H PKDag siden
  • I laughed

    Mr. AhmedMr. AhmedDag siden
  • Vic is stronger than Ksi

    Nout GeurtsNout GeurtsDag siden
  • 😂 i swear i laughed

    Tsm AboudyTsm AboudyDag siden

    bro pineapplebro pineappleDag siden

    Lil Juice wrldLil Juice wrldDag siden
  • Okay why did I laugh at the laugh

    Cyberkiller 9587Cyberkiller 9587Dag siden
  • Can’t believe I laughed at a chair...

    d moneyd moneyDag siden
  • Why did the chair get me

    Sebastian BushSebastian BushDag siden
  • Fuck off I laughed 🤣

    Johnnie VargasJohnnie VargasDag siden
  • I guessing JJ imagined Jake Paul face on the chair

    Burst BoyBurst BoyDag siden
  • it took me 1 sec and I laughed at the chair ffs

    Devin PowersDevin PowersDag siden

    umar hussainumar hussainDag siden
  • Not gonna lie I did like giggle a sec when he did start laughing

    Seth HanlonSeth Hanlon2 dager siden
  • I laughed haha

    Teina EdwardsTeina Edwards2 dager siden
  • I laughed

    Sean MondragonSean Mondragon2 dager siden
  • it worked yup

    Light Beam GamingLight Beam Gaming2 dager siden
  • The chair killed me 😂

    omar shananomar shanan2 dager siden
  • Why did I laugh

    AJ’s ContentAJ’s Content2 dager siden
  • i fucking laughed

    Cod gamer hikesCod gamer hikes2 dager siden
  • Fuck guys we lost his laugh was to POWERFUL 😂

    Jeffrey AguilarJeffrey Aguilar2 dager siden
  • Yes the laugh worked

    Sonny Roig-stuartSonny Roig-stuart2 dager siden
  • I laughed

    abnerandradeabnerandrade2 dager siden
  • I laughed ffs

    Oliver EriksenOliver Eriksen2 dager siden
  • the laugh worked

    Thaddeaus ChanceThaddeaus Chance2 dager siden
  • I love your laugh cause when you do I do its age k

    • Fuck sake I mean magic

      MYTHIC FUZEMYTHIC FUZE2 dager siden
    • Not age k magil

      MYTHIC FUZEMYTHIC FUZE2 dager siden
  • When he laughed I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

    CTB_JCTB_J2 dager siden
  • I swear to God I laughed so badly at the chair

    Ahmed ZaweelAhmed Zaweel2 dager siden
  • 5:04 it actually did😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. KSI

    Abdul Baasith JAbdul Baasith J2 dager siden
  • Bro I laughed so hard I was rolling in the ground and my mom is like what the fuck are you doing The part I I laughed 5:14

    Edrine GisonEdrine Gison3 dager siden
  • JJ: This chair starts laughing Me hearing his laugh: AAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

    Nicolas MaloneNicolas Malone3 dager siden
  • i laughed

    dave holtondave holton3 dager siden
  • Wattpad.com

    PorshéPorshé3 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard lmao wtf ur laugh is contagious 😂😂🤣

    The ReaperThe Reaper3 dager siden
  • everyone looking at the chair: DIES because of JJ's laugh LMAO

    KNG 240fpsKNG 240fps3 dager siden
  • yes i laughed

    SzmataSzmata3 dager siden

    Dev the dev DevsonDev the dev Devson3 dager siden
  • When he was fake laughing I don't no y but couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂

    ShawnyBear 493ShawnyBear 4933 dager siden
  • the chair: this is not funny me: your right ITS FREAKING HILARIOUS

    The Fluffy DragonThe Fluffy Dragon3 dager siden
  • i also laughed

    Ikshwaaku SharmaIkshwaaku Sharma3 dager siden
  • I laughed when he showed the chair lol

    ChocobunChocobun3 dager siden
  • how tf did the laugh work

    *olinpantoja **olinpantoja *4 dager siden
  • you have the power to make people laugh the laugh worked

    Tydane ByfieldTydane Byfield4 dager siden
  • Laughed CHECK

    Moise MpambanoMoise Mpambano4 dager siden
  • 4:45 and 5:00 fucking hell that's so true I literally laugh more looking at you and listening to your laugh more than the memes or the TNTL videos lmfao ngl. I love you man you're the best ❤❤

    ArMaGedDoNArMaGedDoN4 dager siden
  • y u laughing at a chair my dude

    Derrick WrightDerrick Wright4 dager siden

    Smartest IdiotSmartest Idiot4 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard when he showed the chair wtf I'd be 100 times worse if i was stoned

    Michael DoyleMichael Doyle4 dager siden
  • 4:56 i laughed before u do 😂😂😂😂

    RTV_ahy 1100RTV_ahy 11004 dager siden
  • i laughed

    RPNVSRPNVS4 dager siden
  • He's laugh actually worked dafuk..

    ReDZTeR XReDZTeR X4 dager siden
  • that chair was fukcing funny

    SuichuSuichu4 dager siden
  • We see a chair: don't laugh After KSI laughing : OMFG THIS IS SO FUCKJN FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Lil JunglLil Jungl4 dager siden
  • I did laugh

    Lil JunglLil Jungl4 dager siden
  • I actually laughed at him laughing at the chair.

    The RecklessThe Reckless5 dager siden
  • Damnit man it worked 😂😭

    Pat T.KakesPat T.Kakes5 dager siden
  • That chair is the funniest thing I've ever seen so cap

    Detect1veDetect1ve5 dager siden
  • Same fucking hilarious

    OPENZEROPENZER5 dager siden
  • JJ please 🙏🙏🙏 React To Ethiopian Music Please Links Here Original Video👉notown.info/two/video/3rCpqm18fM5xxrc.html Concert Video notown.info/two/video/mcqaZ3yCpZl5kck.html

    Dr MikiasDr Mikias5 dager siden
  • JJ’s laugh makes me cry in laughter

    Matthew BlanchardMatthew Blanchard5 dager siden
  • Haha thw chair got me

    Zeta0013Zeta00135 dager siden
  • ayo wtf how did i laugh

    Garfield69 is the bestGarfield69 is the best5 dager siden
  • not me actually laughing

    zZzZzarka simzZzZzarka sim5 dager siden
  • I laughed the hardest in my life after watching that chair.

    yaksh verma 10E. 29yaksh verma 10E. 295 dager siden
  • It worked

    Paula Collingwood songsPaula Collingwood songs5 dager siden
  • Laughing skills he do have while using chairs 😂

    Aryan DhimanAryan Dhiman5 dager siden
  • He chair part... I’m crying 😂😭

    Theodor JangardTheodor Jangard5 dager siden
  • The cough got me good...

    Alex RizAlex Riz5 dager siden
  • I did laugh at the fuckin chair

    Johanan BudonJohanan Budon5 dager siden
  • I teeter the phone when he laughed at the chair Coz i have the exact chair in my home looking at me

    Kairunissa HameedKairunissa Hameed5 dager siden
  • Hi

    Tsultrim ZalaTsultrim Zala5 dager siden
  • That chair💀💀

    UgochukuUgochuku5 dager siden
  • Why Simon look exactly like Gargamel?? 😭😭

    Andrew BlumkeAndrew Blumke6 dager siden
  • I laughed at the chair 😞

    Brendan GilbertBrendan Gilbert6 dager siden
  • Ok why did I laugh

    CookieplayzUwUCookieplayzUwU6 dager siden
  • I could imagine someone plays KSI laughing at a funeral...

    Ali RizviAli Rizvi6 dager siden
  • Yes,the laugh worked.

    NasereNasere6 dager siden
  • I laughed at that chair

    Kristin LodeKristin Lode6 dager siden