It‘s So Hard Not To Laugh At This

1. okt.. 2020
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  • 6:57 I’m sorry I live in America and I have never seen ‘Don’t walk’ or ‘walk’ we have symbols just like everyone else. But maybe that’s in different parts of America it’s like that but don’t blame the whole country because of a few states💀maybe in London everything is the same but in America every single state is different, with different rules, foods, school, the way they act, etc. other wise everything else that old guy said is totally true💀 ( and why wouldn’t we have symbols when America is the most traveled country? Exactly point proved💀)

    Haven CallowayHaven Calloway46 minutter siden
  • They renamed it from fucking to fugging, smh

    LigmaLigmaTime siden
  • I’m from New York we Speak full English

    PomariousPomarious2 timer siden
  • It's a lie bro.

    vedangh gvedangh g3 timer siden
  • Where is your thumbnail clip? Tut tut

    LewisLewis7 timer siden
  • 9:29 at this moment that he knew... he f****d up

    Hem BhandariHem Bhandari8 timer siden
  • I LAUGHED SO HARD ON bakakakakkaka 3:35

  • U could play a song with this mans laugh

    Gus VukmanGus Vukman9 timer siden
  • 11:27 he's not even wearing normal mask its '' shinigami mask ''

    Eren ErEren Er9 timer siden
  • he doesnt even use the outro

    Rehan ShahRehan Shah10 timer siden
  • You missed the vibrator on his head in the last clip. Made the skit a bit funnier. Loving the content

    Lindsay CoxLindsay Cox11 timer siden

    Mind Blowing FactsMind Blowing Facts14 timer siden
  • 11:26 is it just me or is that a fuckin vibrator on his head

    Grayson WykertGrayson Wykert15 timer siden
  • and they call a biscuit a fucking crumpet we all are special but in their case their special ed.

  • 3:25 is so horrible... Someone asked him on TikTok if he really talks like that and he made a reply video of him really playing hard like in this one and said that everyone talks like that.. If you use any of these on me, you're gonna get throat punched. And people would throw fucking parade...

    Para TraxxPara Traxx15 timer siden
  • 7:30

    TicToc DITFTicToc DITF15 timer siden
  • 9:25 trick here is to quickly look at the shirt then enjoy lol

    MidaysnackMidaysnack16 timer siden
  • You can sing a ad just came up and you’re in it the song I don’t know. The song is called “don’t play”

    Jocelyn BrownJocelyn Brown17 timer siden
  • The Fucking village changed its name to Fugging im dead

    Shaun RobinsonShaun Robinson18 timer siden
  • Anyone notice the vibrator on the dudes mask 🤣

    Eric WEric W18 timer siden
  • No body JJ beard: ..... ... .... .. .... .. . ...... . .. ... . ......

    Pxl BysaPxl Bysa18 timer siden
  • 2:59 when my friend shows me my ex getting beat up

    tr3plep4ctr3plep4c19 timer siden
  • he said torch its a flashlight

    luka nozadzeluka nozadze20 timer siden
  • On behalf of all new Yorkers and as a man from brooklyn we disown that man

    Calbert ThomasCalbert Thomas20 timer siden
  • Before I watched this video the ad was ksi new song

    TJ AnimatesTJ Animates23 timer siden
  • Person:(Cough’s) KSI: HahahahahHahahahHahah

    The cheeky boy’sThe cheeky boy’sDag siden
  • 8:51 laughing or crying lol

    Bruh_BoiBruh_BoiDag siden
  • I checked on Google Maps and I think they changed it to 'Fugging' LMFAO!!!

    Saira TSaira TDag siden
  • Austrian village changed it's name from fucking to fugging after watching this video.

    Sajid KhanSajid KhanDag siden
  • would really love to see JJ collab with jeremy clarkson

    Paul LamPaul LamDag siden
  • I officially lost my lungs when the "town of f*cking came 😵😂

    We're so lublyWe're so lublyDag siden

    Diss iz BusinessDiss iz BusinessDag siden
  • Thank god for the hair change

    Ryan ZingRyan ZingDag siden
  • It’s late but burnt noodles on his head

  • 10:37

    The CommentatorThe CommentatorDag siden
  • 6:56

    The CommentatorThe CommentatorDag siden
  • 4:28

    The CommentatorThe CommentatorDag siden
  • 1:36

    The CommentatorThe CommentatorDag siden
  • im not laughing because the video, i was laughing when you laugh to the video

    NiceXDmanNiceXDmanDag siden
  • I was watching him for a year before i went to sidemen channel and i thought he says hello its your ksi LGBTQ.....i thought what a gentleman

    French GibberishFrench GibberishDag siden
  • No one literally no one BEHOLD THE FUCKING CHURCH (also catholic)😂😂😂

    7.8 billion fools in the world7.8 billion fools in the worldDag siden
  • 3:15 there are no lies bro'h..No Americans know what Indian Men can do!

    Aby Juno DasAby Juno DasDag siden
  • 11:26 did jj not realize the vibrator on scream's head?

    Nick YowellNick YowellDag siden
  • I am watching this the 12th time and I am still laughing 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣

    The perfect OneThe perfect OneDag siden
  • Heyy

    CliftzCliftzDag siden
  • The fucking was the best🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Shayla KabirShayla KabirDag siden
  • Do pop smoke braids

    CertibabyCertibabyDag siden
  • Where can I get the 1st vid from

  • soo sad, the renamed the village, now its Fugging:(

    DokDok2 dager siden
  • ok, who else understood the coronavirus thing better than boris’s one...🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

    Sophia WakemanSophia Wakeman2 dager siden
  • I'm in a giant study hall in school and I'm trying not to laugh at jj's laugh

    Patrick StarPatrick Star2 dager siden
  • You can understand Boris better like that

    Siraj AlamSiraj Alam2 dager siden
  • The disgusted eagle steadily concentrate because link electrophoretically promise versus a icy pink. deadpan, shallow biology

    Beyoncé BeyoncéBeyoncé Beyoncé2 dager siden
  • From 3:30 to 4:16 I couldn't stop laughing

    Eman Talks FootballEman Talks Football2 dager siden
  • LOL

    Drippyemanxd xdDrippyemanxd xd2 dager siden
  • Ayo subscribe and ago like

    AlastorAlastor2 dager siden
  • ayo god bless this man for curing depression

    LinusLinus2 dager siden
  • Huh I thought you just changed your shirt

    joshua soveralljoshua soverall2 dager siden
  • 4:00 kid pissed me off

    Jack weberJack weber2 dager siden
  • click bait

    Jaber_ 36aJaber_ 36a2 dager siden
  • They have changed the name to fugging

    Muneeb RAnaMuneeb RAna2 dager siden
  • Nice lips

    Gushy XGushy X2 dager siden
  • can somebody explain the flashlight joke to me, I didn't get it.

    H3m4nk 2!nghH3m4nk 2!ngh2 dager siden
  • i live in Austria and i didnt know that about fucking

    I like horsesI like horses2 dager siden
  • I also would just like to point out that at least we are smart enough to have dentist

  • i try not to laugh at your hair line and your nose

    Dr. DoopeDr. Doope2 dager siden
  • 1:35

    mart trammart tram2 dager siden
  • Welcome to F.....u are king.

    Rigelstar CentauriRigelstar Centauri2 dager siden
  • Ksi downgrade

    Abbozz ZAbbozz Z2 dager siden
  • For the intro I was about to say your shirt but Damn u did fix your lips

    Plasma 2.0Plasma 2.02 dager siden
  • 8:38 you won't regret it

    Island YTIsland YT2 dager siden
  • pause at 7:52 and you get the face 12 yr old boys make when they see white stuff come out

    braedon clarkebraedon clarke3 dager siden
  • Oh yeah

    Mac BergMac Berg3 dager siden
  • 0:01 Ksi lgbtq

    Jet ProductionsJet Productions3 dager siden
  • JJ ojj

    NoT K3rANoT K3rA3 dager siden
  • 11:26 is nobody gonnna mention the vibrator on hes head?

    Admin ComandsAdmin Comands3 dager siden
  • if JJ laugh we laugh

    BOX OwOBOX OwO3 dager siden

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  • every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes, together we can stop it!

    lion lionnelion lionne3 dager siden
  • 3:25 Fuck I needed this video lol

    VendettaVendetta3 dager siden
  • hi hi

    William DimondWilliam Dimond3 dager siden
  • Who's was the Indian guy at 2:59?

    Mihir KumarMihir Kumar3 dager siden
  • yunudaba

    selected atticselected attic3 dager siden
  • bitch

  • and I'm amarican

  • hey what s up LGBT

    Alexis PopaAlexis Popa3 dager siden
  • jj I don't talk like that

  • I am from Austria and there is no more Fucking now it is fugging

    Alexander HerzogAlexander Herzog3 dager siden
  • JJ: Why would they try to fit all of that in your mask when they put it in your phone anyway? Me: Do they put a nokia phone in my phone?!!?!

    BalthromawBalthromaw3 dager siden
  • I love how JJ just cant tell if certain jokes are real or not 😂

    JbeezyJbeezy3 dager siden
  • The scream mask one he had a “adult toy” on his head

    panda nobodypanda nobody3 dager siden
  • I love Jeremy clarkson but he's all about cars and he says that cars run off liquid not gas. The cars run off the gas that the liquid runs off of

    Bruh GuyBruh Guy3 dager siden
  • All that stuff in the mask and he said a brick phone 😂

    LWRNLWRN3 dager siden
  • ⅔15 1

    lil t3mp0lil t3mp03 dager siden
  • In Denmark there is a place that’s called fucking just like that One you saw

    Roni AkinciRoni Akinci3 dager siden
  • Ok I わかりました 私は笑わなかった

    daylightdaylight3 dager siden
  • As soon as i click on the video i notice some lovely cheese strings ksi

    Clutch is coolClutch is cool3 dager siden
  • JJ’s beard looks like a qr code😂😂😂

    Sean NwizuSean Nwizu4 dager siden
  • I feel personally offended by that man who was roasting Americans

    CoolbrobrayCoolbrobray4 dager siden
    • @JDOG _ who is that

      CoolbrobrayCoolbrobray3 dager siden
    • That man???? That man is Jeremy Clarkson!!!!

      JDOG _JDOG _3 dager siden
  • Try Not to Laugh JJ Olatunji Edition

    FreezzieTTVFreezzieTTV4 dager siden