Someone else is the Number One Nigerian Youtuber

9. juli. 2020
6 028 649 Ganger

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  • Come to Canada

    NCG_Solo YTNCG_Solo YT4 timer siden
  • 2:30 JJ will regret saying that

    MaudeMaude9 timer siden
  • Imagine what would it look like if JJ actually fought a horse

    Cesar VialpandoCesar Vialpando11 timer siden
  • Press X to doubt

    kamil Belsandokamil Belsando12 timer siden
  • Ksi must use Beard Growth Oil its only £2

    Kava Is MakingKava Is MakingDag siden
  • He called it 2:24

    Delvin JordanDelvin Jordan2 dager siden
  • Imma dislike for the clickbait

    Karthik PratheepKarthik Pratheep2 dager siden
  • The fact that me a 13 yrs old kid is taller than JJ

    Joeven Angelo AtienzaJoeven Angelo Atienza2 dager siden
  • People here from 2021!!!!!!!

    Oliver LucasOliver Lucas3 dager siden
  • You’re beating Deji now

    Ethan PlushEthan Plush3 dager siden
  • JJ: 'why are the racists faster?' Because they're *'raceists'*

    mememolemememole3 dager siden
  • Bro 1 question goo s are too good

    John WalkerJohn Walker3 dager siden
  • No one said you're 6ft he said KSI is 6ft

    AbootZAbootZ3 dager siden
  • He’s finally second

    禁Snickers X Clorox禁Snickers X Clorox3 dager siden
  • Why does He look like Ksi, is this Ksi's Brother?

    TOGITOGI3 dager siden
  • R

    Raymundo R. BautistaRaymundo R. Bautista4 dager siden
  • Some people only Know JJ for his music

    Sam OcSam Oc4 dager siden
  • Horse: Depends on what kinda hands ima get🤗

    Ryan PassmoreRyan Passmore5 dager siden
  • Did him dirty with the flower horn😂

    Kolby343KO KOKolby343KO KO5 dager siden
  • 12:50 got me so hard 😂😂😂😂

    P0K3R_913P0K3R_9135 dager siden
  • Lol

    Purge meowPurge meow5 dager siden
  • Lol

    Purge meowPurge meow5 dager siden
    • Yes super funny

      Purge meowPurge meow5 dager siden
  • The mute equinox logistically brush because substance histopathologically admire plus a inquisitive rabbi. smiling, wiry drain

    Efrain HellenEfrain Hellen5 dager siden
  • Boring

    TryLP PLAYSTryLP PLAYS6 dager siden
  • Go to quackadys channel and he filmed a Minecraft video with ksi it’s hilarious

    Art_Skully 714Art_Skully 7146 dager siden
    • Ikr I died laughing 😂

      BTS_ UNKNOWN?BTS_ UNKNOWN?5 dager siden
  • What is that shirt, it looks like he's getting a haircut

    Dz. _SolidDz. _Solid6 dager siden
  • 2021

    Ali AlshaikhAli Alshaikh6 dager siden
  • This guy takes a break because he has a lot of work even though he does nothing in his life except sit in front of a computer and calls it work

    PilC69PilC696 dager siden
  • His smile turned into a frown 13:00

    GoldpotyGoldpoty6 dager siden
  • 6+5 is 9 and he’s 5 11 so 911

    Mr NutmanMr Nutman6 dager siden
  • 2021 cant be worse

    skot xDskot xD6 dager siden
  • 600 pounds, facts

    Alonaab KahsaiAlonaab Kahsai7 dager siden
  • jj thinks he can take a horese jj u dont want this hands the horese boii ill make u become bald

    mohamed omermohamed omer7 dager siden
  • 2021 surly wont be worst the black hole that is in the middle of the universe disappearing like : 👁👄👁 am i a joke to you

    Bjori ProdaBjori Proda7 dager siden
  • Or else without down voting unsubscribe to KSI 😂 lol

    The ALPHAThe ALPHA7 dager siden
  • for ur bear just cut it and it will help growing back twice as fast

    Skatershoot49Skatershoot497 dager siden
  • 11:10 to 11:42 cracked me up

    Romin Kai VillalonRomin Kai Villalon7 dager siden
  • It’s funny how he said blue ski on the hair one when it clearly says blueksi

    Master Gamer957Master Gamer9577 dager siden
  • Surely it cant be worse

    Spiral TKSpiral TK7 dager siden
  • You have more subs than deji

    Adam Dolezalek (STUDENT)Adam Dolezalek (STUDENT)7 dager siden
  • 2:26 starts 2021 on lock down

    callo unocallo uno8 dager siden
  • You forgot mark angle comedy Nigerian ytr./ You should react to him

    Brash_. ._brashBrash_. ._brash8 dager siden
  • Important fact for ksi: hamster balls are bad for your hamster since they just cant stop the ball and crash also you need 450SQ of space (12x24) lots of toys a proper hamster wheel for its size and much more you could learn from from victoria raechal

    GENJI Long Lost Earth AvatarGENJI Long Lost Earth Avatar8 dager siden
  • 2021 tho every thing is worst the virus expanded to a zombie apocalypse

    Filip ZamojskiFilip Zamojski8 dager siden
  • aye jj come to kenya

    Benji EciBenji Eci8 dager siden
  • one question go videos are ACTUALLY boring

    Tonga KautamaTonga Kautama8 dager siden
  • 1:07 the 65 year old waiting outside school

    mental_ lagmental_ lag9 dager siden
  • i need to know the background sound in 12:54

    Neil JohannNeil Johann9 dager siden
    • @Marko Maric thanks man

      Neil JohannNeil Johann6 dager siden
    • Killa Killa

      Marko MaricMarko Maric7 dager siden
  • dude you are forgetting Emmanuelle comedy these are also funny Nigerians who get a lot of views and it is a lot of funny you should watch it

    Naod NegasiNaod Negasi9 dager siden
  • "surely, 2021 can't be any worse" -FORESHADOWING

    Pineapple3037Pineapple30379 dager siden
  • Well let’s see your listeners

    DataData11 dager siden
  • me watching this in aint better!

    s bois boi11 dager siden
  • 7:44 u sound like the cable guys in South park

    Jakob BaumgartnerJakob Baumgartner11 dager siden
  • 15:37 woah 15:42 XD LOL

    Mohammed IbrahimMohammed Ibrahim12 dager siden
  • Mo you killed it

    pwewipwewi12 dager siden
  • My hamster died RIP he was named after rode from ice age 😔☹☠

    DL GAMEZDL GAMEZ12 dager siden
    • He would reincarnate as ur son

      Ashish RathodAshish Rathod5 dager siden
    • Oh no rip. Sorry for your loss. Bet he was an awesome hamster☹️💕

      juicyjuicy9 dager siden
  • I love how he put Bladski in the thumbnail.

    Nahom AyalewNahom Ayalew12 dager siden
  • 2:31 little does he know

    imactuallysinimactuallysin12 dager siden
  • "I have enough money to make sure I always have hair" then buy yourself a good beard?

    B1nzyyB1nzyy13 dager siden
  • guys, it is our mission to fulfil jjs wish by disliking little boy, it must be done...

    Bruce JennerBruce Jenner13 dager siden
  • I have beenWatching you since your first video

    Ailene MejiaAilene Mejia13 dager siden
  • Who watch this in 2021. subscribe me

    David LuckyDavid Lucky13 dager siden
  • 13:00 had me dying

    xDream-ClapzxDream-Clapz13 dager siden
  • Bruh install windows

    Soxy SackSoxy Sack14 dager siden
  • Heyy

    Fret NFret N14 dager siden
  • Its so hard to watch this i school

    Eleazar MartinezEleazar Martinez14 dager siden
  • 14:33 than why don‘t you just make you‘re forehead smaller??

    ARandom DudeARandom Dude14 dager siden
  • Jj is six foot when he where’s high heels

    xxcallum_12 3xxcallum_12 314 dager siden
  • I am from Nepal 🇳🇵, Lots of love to u Babatunde😂

    Tsm GauravTsm Gaurav14 dager siden
  • i love how he was right saying we would celebrate surviving 2020

    Poisssd 1Poisssd 115 dager siden
  • i am from the future in 2021 the year is more shit....

    MR BEASTMR BEAST15 dager siden
  • Hi

    Immad AnsarImmad Ansar16 dager siden
  • 15:21 why does his face remind me of flight reacts

    James GeorgeJames George16 dager siden
  • Jj I know you don’t like your big forehead I think I might know how to help. Stop bleaching your hair it does hella hair damage

    Prod HollowProd Hollow16 dager siden
  • Mark Angel??

    Pema LongyangPema Longyang16 dager siden
  • if you couldn't knock out logan u cant knock out a horse

    Yeet of TeeYeet of Tee16 dager siden
  • weighting at 600 pounds 🤣🤣🤣

    Leddion XhinovciLeddion Xhinovci16 dager siden
  • 2:30 "Surely, 2021 can't be worse" Me: U sure big guy

    Sandesh PereraSandesh Perera16 dager siden
  • 2:30 bruh moment

    Eddie BurkeEddie Burke17 dager siden
  • 2021 is indeed worse 2:29

    AsaniAsani17 dager siden
  • 2:29 uk lockdowns due to the new variant of Covid 19

    edit clubedit club17 dager siden
  • .

    lazygamer_47lazygamer_4717 dager siden
  • Why does JJs shirt look like he’s getting a haircut fam

    DonutFlyteDonutFlyte17 dager siden
  • YIKES... Watching this video after the capitol issue..... And hearing jj at 2:29 .....😅

    Talia CavacoTalia Cavaco17 dager siden

    Lara AkanniLara Akanni17 dager siden
  • Surely 2021 can’t be worse.... surely Boris: How about another lockdown

    Jimbo0411Jimbo041118 dager siden
  • If he has enough money to get new hair why does not go bald and then get new hair.?.??.?..

    Zx CloudyyZx Cloudyy18 dager siden
  • 10:21 I’m genuinely mad that they chose a picture of goku black instead of just goku in his base form

    Noah GustitusNoah Gustitus18 dager siden
  • i was just trying to have a drink and then I spat it out cuz i was laughing at the part "jj hacking TH ~ " i laughed at the way they spelled th ☺

    Angelica CislakAngelica Cislak19 dager siden
  • look at this beard IT'S GROWING CONGRATULATIONS JJ!

    Kolek_gamingKolek_gaming19 dager siden
  • 12:23 haha

    Aayan TaimuriAayan Taimuri19 dager siden
  • His hair do be looken like some hot cheetos

    sns Instinctsns Instinct19 dager siden
  • JJ: pretty sure that I have enough money to keep my hair His beard:

    Kyan MazzellaKyan Mazzella19 dager siden
  • He might be the number one Nigerian youtuber but you still have the number one Nigerian youtuber's forehead

    LUCID ANGELLUCID ANGEL19 dager siden
  • I thot ksi has cheeto ih hi haisr's

    MDA23 gamingMDA23 gaming20 dager siden
  • Isn't JJ and KSI same person? In confused after this vid

    R BellR Bell20 dager siden
    • Yes they are 😊

      Cool Plays Everything YTCool Plays Everything YT20 dager siden
  • The trick to having a full beard is to shave twice a day, and in a week bang. Pass this message on the JJ/KSI please. 👍

    Abdirahim AbdullahiAbdirahim Abdullahi21 dag siden
  • Pls dood don't come to india

    Muhammed YusufMuhammed Yusuf21 dag siden
    • @Muhammed Yusuf he don't hate it it's a joke

      Cool Plays Everything YTCool Plays Everything YT20 dager siden
    • Pls don't u hate it more u hate it

      Muhammed YusufMuhammed Yusuf21 dag siden
  • Actually Mark Angel is Number 1

    BiobeleBiobele22 dager siden
  • Me watching this again in 2021

    Omar ElgharabawyOmar Elgharabawy22 dager siden