The Only Youtuber With 2 Diamond Play Buttons

14. aug.. 2020
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Shoutout to Brosheb for this insane video

  • Where's Mrbeast fam??

    DreamDream4 timer siden
  • German Garmendia have to channels with over 40M subscribers

    XF3RN4ND0XF3RN4ND06 timer siden
  • Poor bunny

    Jermaine MbwigaJermaine Mbwiga7 timer siden
  • There wasn't a Netflix adaptation comment so here it is. Jk. All fun and jokes

    Samurai ChamplooSamurai Champloo8 timer siden
  • Fun fact: This was beaten by the one and only Mr Beast

    jason navaratnejason navaratne11 timer siden
  • y is jj like ski mask now

    trnskoootrnskooo15 timer siden
  • This is stupid

    LJ HurleyLJ Hurley15 timer siden
    • Stfu

      J JJ J26 minutter siden
    • Stfu

      KaiKai9 timer siden
  • Wrong MR.BEAST is there

    Lavanya SinhaLavanya Sinha17 timer siden
  • Mrbeast steel aut there my man 😂😂 @mrbeast @mrbeastgaming

    AbyAby17 timer siden
  • Jj what about MR beast?

    planet3earplanet3ear17 timer siden
  • The way he says give me my diamond play button bitch🤣🤣🤣

    Martha FeeneyMartha Feeney23 timer siden
  • Dumb

    j jj jDag siden
  • K

    SNASNADag siden
  • You pretty mutch have 3 because your ksi account has 20mil subs

    CC GamingCC GamingDag siden
  • Roman Atwood: walks in with his two diamond play button

    HuntrHuntrDag siden
  • bear: super saiyan ksi: super saiyan blue VID EDITOR: ULTRA ISTINCT

    BlackScipard07BlackScipard07Dag siden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    adeebplayz proadeebplayz proDag siden
  • 6 now

    Not RyftNot RyftDag siden
  • The first bit was like Dragon ball z 😂

    Bl00d_ch0ke_999Bl00d_ch0ke_999Dag siden
  • Even mr beast has 2 diamond playbutton

    Neena MurthyNeena MurthyDag siden
  • That edit is 😂👌🔥🔥

    dark69 knightdark69 knightDag siden
  • Hmmmm.. Have u forgotten about jack sucks at life??

    TurtleBL0XTurtleBL0XDag siden
  • Mr beasts: hold up

    Fenix Amv'sFenix Amv'sDag siden
  • Deji

    CrazyketchupguyCrazyketchupguyDag siden
  • Kkkk

    CB-NhyCB-NhyDag siden
  • Ooga booga

    FBIFBIDag siden
  • JJ: Non-edited in his bedroom running around making noises Simon-walks in*

    Charlize PorterCharlize PorterDag siden

    Darby MAALATDarby MAALATDag siden
  • When he made this channel, I knew this video was coming

    Izzy _Izzy _Dag siden
  • Very glad I didn’t sit there this hole thing😂

    Insight MusicInsight Music2 dager siden
  • All that and his Durag still on

    TDdaOG Aka TDOGTDdaOG Aka TDOG2 dager siden
  • Him: the only youtuber with 2 diamond play buttons Jacksucksatlife: u didn't defeat me misson failed i have 3 diamond play buttons

    Oofy Epic LordDucker829Oofy Epic LordDucker8292 dager siden
  • Lol his not the only youtuber that got 2 diamonds play button. The 1st was German on (holasoygerman and juegagerman) BTW there are alot of Spanish youtubers with 2 diamond play button like auronplay and more

    EZ PZEZ PZ2 dager siden
  • No Typical Gamer

    Joshua SanchezJoshua Sanchez2 dager siden
  • Dude this is like bollywood

    Big ChungusBig Chungus2 dager siden

    Φλώριος Χρήστος ΚρητικόςΦλώριος Χρήστος Κρητικός2 dager siden
  • This is like a mix of Afro Cinema and Anime😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cindy LianCindy Lian2 dager siden
  • Simon in the room next door be like 👁👄👁

    Amelia PerrymanAmelia Perryman2 dager siden
  • How stupid he would have felt when he is editing this lol

    Karan RajKaran Raj2 dager siden
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    علي المسعوديعلي المسعودي2 dager siden
  • sometimes you just ask yourself why

    Funny StuffFunny Stuff2 dager siden
  • KSI:I am the only One With 2 Diamond Play buttons Mrbeast:Hold My Channel

    Kuz GamerKuz Gamer2 dager siden
  • Lmao wtf is the start of this video I’m dying

    TryhardAdam96TryhardAdam962 dager siden
  • #dont sunscribe

    Farhan shahriar EhanFarhan shahriar Ehan2 dager siden
    • #subscribe to ksi

      TryhardAdam96TryhardAdam962 dager siden
  • @don't subscribe

    Farhan shahriar EhanFarhan shahriar Ehan2 dager siden
  • Mrbeast I am I joke to you

    Lucas WilesmithLucas Wilesmith2 dager siden
  • The beginning literally is me and I was like 6 Me: mister evil guy I shall end you here The blanket:.... Me:*gasp* HOW DARE U SAY THAT ABOUT MY MOTHER AHHHHHHHH the blanket;.... Me:hmmm so it seems like u survived my attack interesting you may be more powerful than I thought well I shall show u my full power AHHHHHHH my mom: Steven why are u yelling Me:ITS NOTHING MOM My mom: oh ok also dinner is ready Me: OK MOM IM COMING ... ill see you again soon mister evil man*flex a 6 pack but in reality show fat ass stomach* The blanket:... Me:*leaves the room* The blanket:....ugh nani his power is weak compared to me *pillar men theme*

    ShrinqShrinq2 dager siden
  • KSI defeat Jake Paul but cant defeat a teddy bear easily even he have powers

    boa boaboa boa2 dager siden
  • he he BOY

    Mr Zaid.GimingMr Zaid.Giming2 dager siden
  • What about mrbeast ??

    Krishna AgarwalKrishna Agarwal3 dager siden
  • Mr beast has 2

    Faith FaithFaith Faith3 dager siden
  • The music in the background tho🥶

    PeyPey BoogerPeyPey Booger3 dager siden
  • Oh ok then

    Novelle ju WardNovelle ju Ward3 dager siden
  • Jack: Its not true

    Govinda SijuGovinda Siju3 dager siden
  • MrBeast : Are you sure about that?


    DANYDANY3 dager siden
  • Damn the bear fights like Logan Paul sneezing 3 times

    D4an13l AguiD4an13l Agui3 dager siden
  • شفا عملتها اجمد

    Youssef -567Youssef -5673 dager siden
  • PewDiePie did it in 2018 with jacksepticeye2 but ok

    Atirek BajpaiAtirek Bajpai3 dager siden
  • This fight would have been better if it was cgi

    N_twice11 YTN_twice11 YT3 dager siden
  • How do you have 2? Don’t you get them when you hit 20M?

    Mia TimpdonMia Timpdon3 dager siden
  • *Laughing mr beast noise*

    DudifyDudify3 dager siden
  • This got better animation than seven deadly sins

    Edward FearnEdward Fearn3 dager siden
  • heard his editor is indian, well that explains sum

    aarohiaarohi3 dager siden
  • 💔😂😂😂🤩

    Muiz AdelekeMuiz Adeleke3 dager siden
  • and ur still not verified on 11mil?

    blurr zablurr za3 dager siden
  • This Russian girl has more it’s called “like naysta” she has like 6 channels with over ten mill soo......

    Chucky PerezChucky Perez3 dager siden
    • But does she make videos like this?

      Mystic206Mystic20610 timer siden
  • My man was loosing to a teddy bear

    apex predatorapex predator3 dager siden
  • The Epic African Fight 😂

    TanvirEditzTanvirEditz3 dager siden
  • lol isn't mrbeast the first person to get two play buttons because another channel that exceeds 10million is mrbeast gaming?😗

    Cruz AllisterCruz Allister3 dager siden
  • mr best has 2 play button

    hi i tell bad jokeshi i tell bad jokes3 dager siden
  • We gonna talk about how Roman Atwood has had 2 diamond play buttons for years?

    BrodyBrody3 dager siden
  • mr beast have 2 of those 1 of the 50 3 of 1m and 4 of 100

    mincofter manmincofter man4 dager siden
  • JJ: first NOtownr with 2 diamond play buttons Roman atwood: nah

    Juanpy PorterJuanpy Porter4 dager siden
    • Hello

      Haidhur AliHaidhur Ali3 dager siden
  • JJ: I'm the only person to have 2 diamond play buttons Mrbeast and Mrbeast Gaming: Am I a joke to you?

    AkiTakiAkiTaki4 dager siden
    • Holsoygerman

      Brute SeekerBrute SeekerDag siden
  • And here kids, we next see a grown man fighting a teddy bear. Now now, take your pictures.

    FredricFredric4 dager siden
  • All the good memes and edits

    Yuck FuYuck Fu4 dager siden
  • Procedo a XD

    Bᴏʙ Aɴᴏɴɪᴍᴜꜱ 2.0Bᴏʙ Aɴᴏɴɪᴍᴜꜱ 2.04 dager siden
  • Mr Beast has 2 diamond plays buttons

    Smith 2KSmith 2K4 dager siden
  • god damn! mannnn

    CvopCvop4 dager siden
  • He lost it finally lost it

    Christian ManningChristian Manning4 dager siden
  • Do you remember void if you don’t go check out him again he has more sick song

    Ashton XXdAshton XXd4 dager siden
  • Best edits lol

    aggressive _gamingaggressive _gaming4 dager siden
  • HolaSoyGerman: XD👍

    Jesus David MartinezJesus David Martinez4 dager siden
    • XD

      Bᴏʙ Aɴᴏɴɪᴍᴜꜱ 2.0Bᴏʙ Aɴᴏɴɪᴍᴜꜱ 2.04 dager siden
  • no you are not shfa has two too

    اش عندك تطالع في الاسماش عندك تطالع في الاسم4 dager siden
  • Ksi: saying he got two diamond play buttons Mr beast:hold my tea

    Mr Beast fanMr Beast fan4 dager siden
  • Congrats mate

    CupidWasStupidCupidWasStupid4 dager siden

    Jibrael WadayJibrael Waday4 dager siden
  • Mr beast has 2 diamond play buttons and diamond pool

    Himantha GamageHimantha Gamage4 dager siden
  • 3:42 is this music from fire force

    HIxP0HIxP04 dager siden
  • Test

    MoMo4 dager siden
  • This kid got some talent

    StemStem4 dager siden
  • Damn chill you ain’t gotta do em like dat

    Kyle PlayzKyle Playz5 dager siden
  • Roman Atwood has 2 diamond bottoms

    DanielwncDanielwnc5 dager siden
  • Bearus : why are u bulling me😂😂

    haythem mohamedhaythem mohamed5 dager siden
  • متاثر بالنمي 😂😂

    alooy aradialooy aradi5 dager siden
  • Ksi I am the only NOtownr with 2 diamond play buttons Mr beast am I joking to you

    Waji udinWaji udin5 dager siden
  • 3:09 😂

    Ramy KhalafRamy Khalaf5 dager siden
  • JackSucksAtLife :D

    oTazNickaroTazNickar5 dager siden
  • doesnt mr beast have two diamond play buttons cause his gaming channel had 13 mil

    Michael ClarkMichael Clark5 dager siden