Well that was very weird lol

19. nov.. 2020
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  • The video: turd Me watching while eating:

    Grizz BoyssGrizz Boyss18 minutter siden
  • No One: JJ: There was something beautiful about that

    seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy19 minutter siden
  • Props to JJ for being the reason I’ve made it this far through covid, your a real one man💙

    Brianna WhyteBrianna Whyte28 minutter siden
  • Jj next time you do this can you watch the video on how to turn on and off the lights

    ORBITS-ReactzzORBITS-ReactzzTime siden
  • The question is... HOW TO GOOGLE TO HOW TO THINGS?!

    Segítő GergőSegítő GergőTime siden
  • Me when jj relase a new video . . Ooommmggg 9:43

    Mirenc BajraktariMirenc BajraktariTime siden
    • Wht ws that 0:14 xD

      seeriu ciihyseeriu ciihy18 minutter siden
  • I want to see JJ cut a pineapple now

    Prachet AgarwalPrachet Agarwal2 timer siden
  • Mans need to Activate Windows

    YuxiYuxi2 timer siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Internet TrollInternet Troll2 timer siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Internet TrollInternet Troll2 timer siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Internet TrollInternet Troll2 timer siden
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Internet TrollInternet Troll2 timer siden
  • Shit why is it so Funny

    kiel vinterokiel vintero3 timer siden
  • Shit why is it so Funny

    kiel vinterokiel vintero3 timer siden
  • 1:40 pls editor next time harry throwing a chair into a television

    SE_EikeboomSE_Eikeboom3 timer siden
  • Do a reddit video with pewdiepie

    Bogdan VasileBogdan Vasile4 timer siden
  • I wonder if you can add Turkish subtitles to your videos

    Mücahit GümüşMücahit Gümüş4 timer siden
  • i was eating snacks and then i opened your video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harry The PhotographerHarry The Photographer4 timer siden
  • U can’t do things without being weird 🤣

    Aqsa FarooqAqsa Farooq5 timer siden
  • Wht ws that 0:14 xD

    ice manice man5 timer siden
  • wait till jj finds out how many views a video on how to cut a pineapple can get

    Hernan CervantesHernan Cervantes6 timer siden
  • Not a good idea to watch while eating

    Sanad MadiSanad Madi6 timer siden
  • He needs to see Steven teaching how to make microwave foods like how to heat a nacho chili cheese dip

    [e:LLUSIV ][e:LLUSIV ]7 timer siden
  • Jj don't pretend to puke black man don't do that fam

    P-freshP-fresh7 timer siden
  • Yo wtf bruh this guy is abused with cutting pinnaple after he cut 1 single pinnaple what is he f**king doing

    has mackhas mack8 timer siden
  • Wow that was really cool *dani reference*

    BasicallyI'mCrapBasicallyI'mCrap8 timer siden
  • Nobody My Dreams: 3:46

    Titan VenomTitan Venom8 timer siden
  • So I recently found out that ksi used to put his name on others yt comment I wanted to do and can u sub for me pls

    NoSmokingAllowedNoSmokingAllowed9 timer siden
  • 5:17 ksi giving us some ideas to put on reddit

    Rex Lemuel MadajeRex Lemuel Madaje9 timer siden
  • Started the video without thinking the sound was on max... my ma asked if there was something wrong... thx jj

    Jenny TayliaJenny Taylia9 timer siden
  • Ksi + this hair style + frosty colour = SICK

    Blinded IIBlinded II9 timer siden
  • Waiting for someone to teach how to do that mouth thing correctly like alp horn😂

    eshan rashmikaeshan rashmika10 timer siden
  • how flea starts a video 9:50

    AHMED AHMED9-eAHMED AHMED9-e10 timer siden
    • JJ: did he just google how to cut a pineapple Also JJ: googles how to cut a pineapple

      Bolia FopsBolia Fops9 timer siden
  • I love this man

    LuthbrookLuthbrook11 timer siden
    • I really love ur laugh

      Bolia FopsBolia Fops9 timer siden
  • *Laff*

    Noah EwtonNoah Ewton11 timer siden
  • Me after watching Predator movie and jj's hairstyle:-- *PREDATORS NEVER DIE. THEY LIVE ON...*

    Adwith KrishnaAdwith Krishna11 timer siden
  • The one with the soup LMAO😅😂😅😂😅😂😅

    Robloxking RobloxkingRobloxking Robloxking12 timer siden
  • I spend my most time in "recording gameplay "Editing "uploading "I need my brothers and sisters please support me🙏🙏😢😢

    Totti El ShaarawyTotti El Shaarawy13 timer siden
  • 10:36 i thought the video ended the ksi video

    HealousHealous13 timer siden

    Z e b e c ヅZ e b e c ヅ14 timer siden
  • Bro can u give me 3000 pounds

    Ceena Ann PrasadCeena Ann Prasad15 timer siden
  • Activate windows my guy

    Real MemerReal Memer16 timer siden
  • KSI you’re a legend, never stop uploading

    Emanuele SpadaEmanuele Spada16 timer siden
  • You can't be jj's friend and not be happy

    InsanitygirlInsanitygirl19 timer siden
  • 0:13 who else heard "jiggly tiddies"

    chad graychad gray19 timer siden
  • Logan Pool is better lol

    Colton AshleyColton Ashley20 timer siden
  • I really love ur laugh

    Urmom Is mineUrmom Is mine21 time siden
  • JJ: did he just google how to cut a pineapple Also JJ: googles how to cut a pineapple

    Bigdick Daddy75Bigdick Daddy7521 time siden

      Bolia FopsBolia Fops18 timer siden
  • Oh yeah

    SenBuSenBu21 time siden
    • Jo JJ , I'll teach you how to do the smacking noise. Please like so I can teach him

      Bolia FopsBolia Fops18 timer siden
  • Weird

    I YerllyxI Yerllyx22 timer siden
  • 1 more sub ;3

    ocsicnarfocsicnarfDag siden
  • KSI, you are the reason I'm alive right now, without you things would've ended for me a long time ago, so thank you JJ.

    Cassi JohnsonCassi JohnsonDag siden
  • What's the video at 9:50

    Yeetus FeetusYeetus FeetusDag siden
  • Ksi you should search up how to fix your hair

    Yahir HernandezYahir HernandezDag siden
  • Yurrrr

    DJJDJJDag siden
  • how do you go to a british primary school and not know who michael rosen is?

    IAppearOfflineIAppearOfflineDag siden
  • hol up..... WAS THAT BANDICAM I SAW? 7:38 hmm

    LuckycoffeepotLuckycoffeepotDag siden
  • 4:19 my sleep paralysis demon

    ArixiifaArixiifaDag siden
  • 1:42

    Mohsain KarimMohsain KarimDag siden
    • I can do the Michal Rosen impression

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsDag siden
  • anyone else just come from his latest video just to hear him say "wowwwwwwww oh wowowowowoww" again?

    Emily LaHoodEmily LaHoodDag siden
    • The first guy tried to go super saiyan

      Bolia FopsBolia FopsDag siden
  • Spam the left arrow at the beginning of the video

    Oscar AsewandoOscar AsewandoDag siden
  • Jo JJ , I'll teach you how to do the smacking noise. Please like so I can teach him

    Newguy NewguyNewguy NewguyDag siden

    ShrekatarShrekatarDag siden
  • Anybody notice JJ's ashy elbows... No?

    M1LL1. xfM1LL1. xfDag siden
  • As a South African this man will be shook at the language Xhosa

    tiana molalatiana molalaDag siden
  • JJ when he passes another persons yt channel 9:43

    Aidan GreenAidan GreenDag siden

    Capt.John_ PriceCapt.John_ PriceDag siden
  • My dude put some lotion on😂(2:52)

    Eric RiosEric RiosDag siden
  • 1:42 what did you expect to happen

  • I am just chillin watchin a ksi video and I have some music on and I’m like wait I know that tune it is really love I littrearly paused the video and started dancing to it in my room 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

    Matt BaileyMatt BaileyDag siden
  • lajidept?

    SiegfriedSiegfriedDag siden
  • KSL make a song that’s called KSL pls

    Txkyo GxxlTxkyo GxxlDag siden
  • The first guy tried to go super saiyan

    somali henriquezsomali henriquezDag siden
  • I can do the Michal Rosen impression

    That fortnite Headshot kingThat fortnite Headshot kingDag siden
  • hahaha him saying "wow" reminds me of white chicks so much

    jamie hartejamie harteDag siden
  • JJ: What the fuck am I doing?? Me: Lockdown 2 is getting to you mate

    CjodCjodDag siden
  • anyone else go to the howtocutapineappple.com

    Mateo BovaMateo BovaDag siden
  • JJ can cut a pineapple but can't say mural.

    Tommy NicoTommy NicoDag siden
  • As

    Abdulaziz AlblawyAbdulaziz AlblawyDag siden
  • The noise that guy makes is him clicking his tongue, bring it to the top of your mouth and rebound it hard. Best way to describe it 😂😂😂

    Conor NetherwayConor NetherwayDag siden
  • 😂😂😂Well how to cast made a video on how to boil water

  • I actually thought the video ended at 10:34. -_-

    The Rave OwlThe Rave OwlDag siden
  • 7:15 it was so disgusting I cpuld smell it

    Tadiwa ChopambaTadiwa ChopambaDag siden

    tintentintenDag siden
  • If you think the can tutorial is pointless, watch some Gatis kandis videos

    Marko CulinaMarko CulinaDag siden
  • Who else love the intro😂

    John Hmung11John Hmung11Dag siden
  • No kkk look

    Becky ParkinsonBecky ParkinsonDag siden
  • leave a pineapple on the side until it went rotton.

    bssni touirbssni touirDag siden
  • Its honestly depressing to see him trying to imitate michael rosen

    Jayden RobertsJayden RobertsDag siden
  • I am going to be honest, even i dont know how to cut a pineapple

    Hrudh DHrudh DDag siden
  • 5:32 Top 10 charted artist btw

    Bailey WilkinsonBailey WilkinsonDag siden
  • Why's the captain America one so funny 😂😂😂

    James Carter-HobbsJames Carter-HobbsDag siden
  • Dang i cant watch past 7:27 fir sime reason i cant take stuff like this recently my gag reflex have been through the roof since last month and i dont know why

    Mary Joy GelizonMary Joy GelizonDag siden
  • the wow at 9:45 got me good lmao

    aight betaight betDag siden
  • Sorry for being a nerd it’s called gravitational force 1:41

    NeoNeoDag siden
  • notown.info/love/niVjca5qfGF3fMOpS0WW-g

    George OpindeGeorge OpindeDag siden
  • Can we used this( 3:32 )throw up reaction format as a meme

    FilipinoDude LagoonFilipinoDude LagoonDag siden
  • 7:27

    Joshua SpronkJoshua SpronkDag siden
  • Why was the guy chewing on the flies for so long

    UrsioYTUrsioYTDag siden
  • Just a warning from experience...do not watch this video while eating

    Josh MisquezJosh MisquezDag siden