Why Being Under 6 Foot is Good

2. aug.. 2020
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  • Well he admitted that he is under 6 f

    Benjamin Nørgaard LarsenBenjamin Nørgaard Larsen4 timer siden
  • Petitoin to bring this back

    ben fergusonben ferguson20 timer siden
  • Black American is Tall

    BeerusBeerusDag siden
  • Who did the staring contest while they were doing

    Evil GuyEvil GuyDag siden
  • The guy blinked at 6:54

    MathTheAssassinGamerMathTheAssassinGamer3 dager siden
  • We can all agree that if JJ isn't 6 ft, neither is Jake.

    RoverRover3 dager siden
  • Ppl who are 6 foot have double the risk of getting corona Me who is 4"11

    Axel ArcovendasAxel Arcovendas4 dager siden
  • Ksi is looking fresh with the ski mask the slump god durag

    Albert AanesAlbert Aanes5 dager siden
  • Why is jj stopping one question go

    Toxic FrogToxic Frog5 dager siden
  • So wait your telling me I’m 14 and I’m taller than him and I have more facial hair? Let’s go.

    Aedan O'kellyAedan O'kelly10 dager siden
  • Guys come on, KSI is 6'0 and JJ Olatunji is 5'11

    DevinDevin11 dager siden
  • If ur 6ft u could just crouch . (jj not included)

    /u!s hd/u!s hd15 dager siden
  • 95% of the comments: he blinked

    Instinct KSIInstinct KSI17 dager siden
  • Damn, fuck the guy that said this was boring I honestly would have liked two one question go's each month.

    Tyrone LauTyrone Lau21 dag siden
  • I want to be 6 feet talle

    Santiago CarrilloSantiago Carrillo24 dager siden
  • Ksi is 183 cm damns

    MadrachiMadrachi26 dager siden
  • f in the chat for one question go

    RKRK27 dager siden
  • One question go actually ended on my birthday, what a birthday present it was

    M_nesser _M_nesser _28 dager siden
  • The Redditors aren’t happy JJ They’re also about to attack me and insult me

    Big Behz Cr1ticBig Behz Cr1tic28 dager siden
  • jj u should be fine your 5 11

    awad deajknawad deajkn29 dager siden
  • its not

    DenissOGDenissOGMåned siden
  • Fatneekmigite

    J.D.KJ.D.KMåned siden
  • id rather get coronavirus than be under 6foot ngl

    Talal AbalkhailTalal AbalkhailMåned siden
  • so he conformed that he is 5'11

    Prithak BhattaPrithak BhattaMåned siden
  • Why is this the last one question go ever?

    Cyclic WarriorCyclic WarriorMåned siden
  • It’s the opposite u melon , particles fall towards the floor

    VGWVGWMåned siden
  • so some weeks ago you said you were but no you are not the people crying is the sidemen who are actually 6ft and can do it RIGHT you hear that jj I AM CHALLENGIN YOU TO A BOXING MATCH

    boy boyboy boyMåned siden
  • I’ve never been so early in my life

    Rep3at _CurseRep3at _CurseMåned siden
    • Yep

  • U gay

    FishiMishyFishiMishyMåned siden
  • 6:53 if you see closely jj won.

    StergiosStergiosMåned siden
  • ya wont tow cheiw some bobbwle gum

    Jamil AlaeddinJamil AlaeddinMåned siden
  • Looking back at it I miss this :(

    Assumed ParasiteAssumed ParasiteMåned siden

    Bryan JebaduraiBryan JebaduraiMåned siden
  • im under 5 feet 4'' 7' to be exact

    bruh burnsbruh burnsMåned siden
  • The real reason chrismd didnt diss him...

    Redevilsforlife1Redevilsforlife1Måned siden
  • we can all agree jj looks certii when the white drag comes out

    BikramBikramMåned siden
  • jj gonna have to get ski mask the slump god to copyright you for your bandana there

    shomelshomelMåned siden
  • I don’t think jj realizes not many people are over 6ft

    Karim jr HabassiKarim jr HabassiMåned siden
  • Me over here being 6'10ft

    Braden BagbyBraden BagbyMåned siden
  • This was posted on my friends birthday and Mark Lee birthday

    Mork LeeMork LeeMåned siden
  • Kai laughing to all people that are over 6 foot, even simon

    Angelo SacaiaAngelo SacaiaMåned siden
  • Next day: gets the virus...

    AndreaYTPlayzAndreaYTPlayzMåned siden
  • My friend was in dat video

    Visquin CapalotVisquin CapalotMåned siden
  • JJ ur still short....

    Dominique Tracey VlogsDominique Tracey VlogsMåned siden
  • I am 12ft Corona: *Death awaits*

    Ayan DasAyan DasMåned siden
  • notown.info/two/video/sa5-dqh-nrpi29k.html&ab_channel=TheGaffers

    YaTuSabes_BYaTuSabes_BMåned siden
  • Logan is 6'2" JJ🤣🤣

    S MdongaS MdongaMåned siden
  • Proven under 6ft

    ItzArrowItzArrow2 måneder siden
  • I'm still disappointed that one question go was finished by FORTNITE.... FORTNITE. 😔

    Le FunYLe FunY2 måneder siden
  • wheres buddys twitter tag

    Austin MartinAustin Martin2 måneder siden
  • Look at his eye he blinked 6:54

    Rizzo de CastroRizzo de Castro2 måneder siden
  • Bring it back

    Random FanboiRandom Fanboi2 måneder siden
  • LMAOO the boy is my cousin

    Adisa._. VibezAdisa._. Vibez2 måneder siden
  • this fool getting his info from fake news

    Charlie OlsonCharlie Olson2 måneder siden
  • Heyyyy

    Fret NFret N2 måneder siden
  • How tall people are that say jj isn’t 6’0 ft 5’3

    Carlos AlbidrezCarlos Albidrez2 måneder siden
  • i miss it

    JMatthewJMatthew2 måneder siden
  • You're under 6' : PANIK You have less chance of getting infected with corona virus: KALM You realise that you live with a person that is over 6' : PANIK

    Brajan CelajBrajan Celaj2 måneder siden

    EYEPlaster eyeLadEYEPlaster eyeLad2 måneder siden
  • funny how jake paul fans use "but Jake has been training he can beat KSI" and they just ignore the fact that KSI is also...... training

    DancinDemon6665DancinDemon66652 måneder siden
  • dude his beard is pissing me off like if anyone else

    Gavin GunnGavin Gunn2 måneder siden
  • He blinked WTF JJ u didnt see him 6:53

    Jamal MoumJamal Moum2 måneder siden
  • Yo wtf my guy looks like ski mask the slump god with that durag

    Harjap AulakhHarjap Aulakh2 måneder siden
  • Me being 6’1 watching this: ;-;

    Sup DawgSup Dawg2 måneder siden
    • Weak 6'2 now

      Uto Resa 519Uto Resa 519Måned siden
  • who else still watches them???

    Pink PandaPink Panda2 måneder siden
  • Rip

    SeruxeSeruxe2 måneder siden
  • Girls requirements for boyfriend: must be 6 foot tall, must be fit, must be good looking... Guys requirements for girlfriend: be a girl (optional)

    NoteBlock GuyNoteBlock Guy2 måneder siden
  • Coronavirus goes away JJ: shit

    Saleh AlkhamisSaleh Alkhamis2 måneder siden
  • Okay I miss one question go

    Tyler CrockerTyler Crocker2 måneder siden
  • see jj ok you under 6ft ok but simon is 6 ft and he has double the risk as you said sooooooooooooooooooooo you can also get corona lol

    Team 7 ChallengersTeam 7 Challengers2 måneder siden
  • The guy who challenged ksi to a staring contest blinked liked 5 times

    The sketchy missions of D&GThe sketchy missions of D&G2 måneder siden
  • JJ finding the article because he searched 'should i kill myself for being under 6ft'

    El-CarrascL 714El-CarrascL 7142 måneder siden
  • but i thought you couldn't relate

    PrinceCodeinePrinceCodeine2 måneder siden
  • dude wher is his twitter at i dont see it KSI didiunt put it

    Lucifer ‎‍ΨLucifer ‎‍Ψ2 måneder siden
  • ---GOD BLESS---

    Locker-Room DwarfLocker-Room Dwarf2 måneder siden
  • Just to remind you that jj is from nigeria not from uk. So he's not british and that's why he's under 6 foot

    Rafiif AlbaniRafiif Albani2 måneder siden
  • We ended somethin dead on somethin dead

    Mr. FearlessSwanMr. FearlessSwan2 måneder siden
  • last fortnite clip was cringe as fuck

    Joseph HanJoseph Han2 måneder siden
  • Fk I’m 14 and 5’12 and still growing....

    SiLence’s SuccessorSiLence’s Successor2 måneder siden
  • THE gospel is 1st Corinthians 15 verse 1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

    Kj_2004Kj_20042 måneder siden
    • If u don't understand please watch this video m.notown.info/two/video/zLFvaoN7pcaYl80.html

      Kj_2004Kj_20042 måneder siden
  • Petition for JJ to keep doing my these

    Zaid AhmadZaid Ahmad2 måneder siden
  • Petition to bring these back

    Joseph EsquenaziJoseph Esquenazi3 måneder siden
  • IS ANYONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE GUY HE BLINKED oh yeah i remeber snakes cant see well my bad

    Y3llow MinecraftY3llow Minecraft3 måneder siden
  • F my life im 6ft1 and 13 corona gonna kill me

    Gabriel HaugeGabriel Hauge3 måneder siden
  • Well ig this actually was the final 1 question go

    MDS 30MDS 303 måneder siden
  • 6:53 Challenger: *blink* KSI: "I'll Allow It Man"

    LilG_GamingLilG_Gaming3 måneder siden
  • JJ: People over 6ft have double the chance of getting covid. Me: So are black people man. I'm 6'5 BTW

    Tanner FontenotTanner Fontenot3 måneder siden
    • It’s not just black ppl yk Not everyone is either black, white or mixed race Y does everyone always forget the brown ppl man

      A _BCA _BC3 måneder siden
  • Says he cannot get corona virus but has a roomate who is 6 foot😁

    Gamer PlayzzGamer Playzz3 måneder siden

    Joel JimenezJoel Jimenez3 måneder siden
  • Hahahaha I’m still 4’9 so I’ll laugh with you

    Oh to see without my eyesOh to see without my eyes3 måneder siden
  • Under 6 foot confirmed

    Diamond ForgeDiamond Forge3 måneder siden
  • Me being under 6 foot is like to everyone you played yourself

    Crystian GarciaCrystian Garcia3 måneder siden
  • Why being 6 Foot is good the answer Is U get girls with it

    Anti- VenomAnti- Venom3 måneder siden
  • JJ: sad he isn’t 6 foot When he realized: I’m not 6 ft so if you are 6 ft you die quicker Dark thoughts

    FlamasaurusFlamasaurus3 måneder siden
  • Of course 'One Question Go' ends on fortnite. lmao

    SikenuttmuntySikenuttmunty3 måneder siden
  • Finally

    -Divine Rissu--Divine Rissu-3 måneder siden
  • His nose's like a rocket

    al7rbi 90al7rbi 903 måneder siden
  • that was so fucking scripted lol 5:36

    Jadyn ArnoldJadyn Arnold3 måneder siden
  • I’m 5

    Cool MemesmanCool Memesman3 måneder siden
  • ksi: I’m not getting Corona Me: I’m thirteen and 5:8 laughing that I’m almost taller than jj

    Spider Slayers what ifs OnlySpider Slayers what ifs Only3 måneder siden